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So Much Truth

Sometimes these memes can really hit the nail on the head.

Liberal Hate


He is Just clueless

messiahEarlier this week Obama tried to say the reason his poll numbers are so low is because America is racist and people don’t like him because of his color. Well when that stupid statement did not get any traction he has come out with a new reason people dislike him.

“The issue has been the inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base so that they feel persuaded that I’m not the caricature that you see on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh,”

NO dimwit the reason you have poor poll number is because you are an incompetent president, no other reason.

Michael Moore An American Idiot

MSNBC is probably the most unwatchable network in America.

Again they show why they have no viewers, this time on The Rachel Maddow Show the far left loon Michael  Moore was on. Moore seems to have a extreme case of foot in mouth disease, Just when you think that he is unable to top the last time he opened his mouth he comes along with a  way to sound even dumber then before.

This time he wondered aloud why anyone would want to own a gun.  According to Moore, “people only own guns because they’re racist and “afraid” of “people of color.”

How does one even respond to such ignorance?

Where Is The Racism

We have all heard it, “The Tea Party is racist!”,  it is nothing more than attempt to marginalize the movement of the people.

Today a post at a far left blog in Madison went off again on the Tea Party and the blogger again labels the whole movement as racist. This time his post referenced an incident with the Big Sky Tea Party Association, the president was ousted by his board of directors over the weekend for appearing to condone violence. Reading his post made me stop and think, is the left correct about this.

We have watched the mainstream media for nearly two years now say this over and over again, with no proof that racism is a mainstream of the Tea Party.  The facts show the vast majority of the Tea Party movement has rebuked such offensive rhetoric. Even the $100,000 that Andrew Breitbart has offered as a reward for tangible proof that a racist act was committed by Tea Party members is still unclaimed.

Yes there are fringe elements within the Tea Party movement who  have displayed racist tendencies, but that is what they are – fringe elements.

The use of the racism argument is done because those who hate the movement  are unable to argue against the ideas, logic and facts of the movement. Nearly 1/3 of Americans now identify themselves with the movement, this is a scary statistic for both the MSM and liberals around America, they for too long have been given a free ride and now that people are standing up to their values and idealism they don’t have a logical way to defend themselves so they had to resort to the race card.

What The Media Sees

Yesterday there was a rally and a protest held in DC. One was put on by Glenn Beck were 300,000 to 500,000 people attended, there also was a protest rally held the same day put on by Al Sharpton which had several hundred attended.

There was absolutely nothing racist or disrespectful during the entire gathering as many in the media and liberal bloggers had predicted would come out. All of the speakers at the event spoke of love, honor, faith and prayer. They prayed for service people and our nation. A very well run event and a moment America can be proud of.

Here is what is disturbing about all of this.

The liberal media. For some reason all reports of the rally for some reason need to point out that the Restore America rally was attended by mostly white people, but yet when they mention the Sharpton protest rally they do not make the same observation,  that it was attended by mostly blacks, why is that?

Why is it important for liberals and their media to make race an issue out of everything conservatives believe in?