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So Much Truth

Sometimes these memes can really hit the nail on the head.

Liberal Hate


Chiseled in Stone

I had not stopped by my favorite comedy progressive site,BB,  in a few weeks so I popped in this morning to see how our unstable group of progressives are getting along. They have their usual hysterical rants against the Second Amendment, and the Milwaukee County Sheriff and most everything the governor does, but the one post that did surprise me was that some of them were going after one of their own, Brett Hulsey.

Its odd that they would complain when normally bad taste and stupid ideas rain down from the disturbed left, for example the Solidarity singers that  annoyed decent people who tried to visit the capitol with their childish songs and immature antics. Its funny how the DPW are still fighting among themselves, they have a candidate running for governor who is part of the 1%  and the progressives can’t stand her as she is not far left enough and then you have a far left kook who thinks kkk hats are funny and the middle road dems are offended.

This should be one of the easiest election cycles for Scott Walker, with Mike Tate in charge and the circus acts they have running 4 more years of Governor Walker are almost chiseled in stone.

Time To Grow Up

Ever since Scott Walker became Governor the progressives and unions in this state have been trying their best to destroy him. After a recall election where he won by a bigger margin than the general election, one would have thought they would have gotten the message

But not these people, they then started a three year witch hunt or as they called it a John Doe investigation trying to find dirt on the Governor.

“The John Doe is closed and the results of the John Doe speak for themselves in terms of who has allegedly committed a crime, who has been charged with a crime and who has been convicted of a crime,” former Appeals Court Judge Neal Nettesheim told Wisconsin Reporter on Wednesday.

Not on that conviction list, much to the dismay of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and like-minded liberals, was Gov. Scott Walker.

Maybe the left will now grow up and stop acting like children in this state but I somehow doubt it.


Progressive Arrogance

One thing we have learned the last few years as progressives have slowly taken over the Democrat Party is that they have no tolerance for anyone who does not jump onto their socialist bandwagon. But what is even more disturbing is how they look at their neighbors, friends and co-workers.

A recent post at a far left progressive blog started with this comment;

My wife is a nurse in a small rural hospital up here in northern Wisconsin. By her account most of her co-workers could be reasonably characterized as rednecked conservatives.

But this progressive was not satisfied with talking about his wife’s apparent disdain for the people she works with but goes on to talk about the people in the area he lives and works with.

Keep in mind that a lot of these folks probably don’t vote, and it seems unlikely that any organization has ever attempted to reach out to them, to educate them about the value of government, or to take them to the polls. 

So in his mind people who refuse to follow the socialist progressive lifestyle he and his wife embrace are ignoramuses!

It is amazing that people like him need “organizations” to educated him how to vote, I think its called mind control or propaganda training, think that everyone is as weak minded and unable to think for themselves as the majority of progressives have shown. The author showed the vast difference between a ideology that will weaken America with laziness and the free thinking intelligent conservatives who are able to make the best individual choices for America and themselves and who understand that government is not there to control your lives like progressives so need and desire.

The 2014 state elections is just a start for us in Wisconsin to continue the work that was started with Governor Scott Walker. It will be important that we set the standard for America to reclaim itself back from the destructive direction that progressives are trying to lead us to.

Is The Well Dry?

The Democrat party is now saying they need to raise $150,000 by Friday Dec 16.  Graeme Zielinski said they need to raise the cash to keep offices open otherwise “they are going to have to make tough choices, which would effectively mean the end to the recall.”

Now one has to wonder a couple of things here, first, is this money JUST to pay for the offices or do they need a new influx to pay off the out-of-state hired help? Or is this just a ploy because after the initial push from the union membership has the pool of people willing to sign dried up?

This sounds like there is trouble in the recall world, are the unions finding out that they just don’t have the state support like they thought they did?