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Open Arms

Just knowing such outstanding people are arriving lke this every day makes me feel better about the open border that Obama has created.

Seventeen-year-old Jorge is a “confessed murderer” and member of the 18th Street gang.

Jose Enrique, 16, has “severe substance abuse” issues, self-mutilates, and has demonstrated “very aggressive” and “vicious” behavior.

Fifteen-year-old Pablo Alexander admitted to federal law enforcement officers that he had “murdered two rival gang members.”

Jacob Alexander, 17, said he had been “involved in shootings/murder attempts” and was “not sure if people died.”

The four teenagers all crossed illegally into the United States through Mexico this month before being detained by the Border Patrol in Texas. Without fear of retribution, they admitted past criminal behavior to law enforcement authorities in the United States. Their confessions were documented on an internal Department of Homeland Security “intake list”

They traveled alone from Honduras and El Salvador, trying to reunite with their families living in the United States, according to the DHS document. Despite their admitted criminal histories, they will more than likely be released to family members with only “notice to appear” orders for immigration court.


Once Again No Leadership

Well its official: The World knows Obama wears a dress instead of a pair of pants.

Russia pulls its Ambassador from the U.S., builds 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and is about to cross that imaginary red line Obama has stated again.

Syria has not given up its Chemical weapons.

Iran is still pursuing Nuclear Weapons.

Russia is trying to establish bases in Cuba and South America and our president shows no leadership. The world had lost respect for America as a world power and President Obama is to be held accountable for that failure.

How Dangerous Are They

We all knew that the Democrats forced Barack Obama upon us so the could shove their radical far left agenda as far down our throats as possible, The dream of every Democrat is making sure everyone is dependent on the government and to make sure that no one succeeds in life.

A recent statement by John Podesta seems to explain a little to why they are so eager to attack the 2nd Amendment and take away the guns from the general population.

Podesta who is now the head of the Center for American Progress, recently said,

“I think most of the conversation since the election has been about how President Obama adjusts to the new situation on Capitol Hill, it simply ignores the president’s ability to use all levels of his power and authority to move the country forward.”

Podesta explains that Obama can use executive orders, rulemaking, and even the armed forces “to accomplish important change” and that such means “should not be underestimated.”

WOW! So what he is saying that if the Democrats really want to they can use the US military against the people of the United States to accomplish what they set out to do.

This is a shocking and very disturbing statement but just shows how dangerous the far left really are.

And yet they have the balls to call Tea Party members extremist!

More From The White House

Every day America shakes its head in disbelief that this guy actually was elected and you think that he can,t top himself with more stupidity and yet he does.

The Obama administration said  that there is no reason to sue so-called sanctuary cities for refusing to cooperate with federal authorities, whereas Arizona’s new immigration law was singled out because it “actively interferes” with enforcement.

So we have cities who are openly breaking USA laws and they are going to turn their backs on that but yet they are going to go after a state that is trying to enforce USA laws and protect the people of state.

2012 PLEASE hurry up so we can get rid of this dope.

At Least He Is Focused

The White House  ripped on the BP guy for racing his yacht for 5 hours last weekend what you say we take a peek at our Presidents focus on the spill since day one.

  • Rounds of golf: 8 – 4/23, 4/24, 5/8, 5/15, 5/16, 5/22, 6/13, 6/19
  • States visited before stepping foot in Louisiana: 6 – NC, NY, IL, CA, IA, MO
  • Concerts: 2 – 6/2 (McCartney), 6/6 (Kelly Clarkson)
  • Comedy shows: 2 – 5/1 (Leno), 6/6 (George Lopez)
  • Vacations: 2 – 4/23-4/25 (Asheville, NC), 5/28-5/31 (Chicago)

Just makes you wonder with this type of busy workload when he will take a real vacation to his home state so he can decompress from all of the stress.