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Sometimes these memes can really hit the nail on the head.

Liberal Hate


Chiseled in Stone

I had not stopped by my favorite comedy progressive site,BB,  in a few weeks so I popped in this morning to see how our unstable group of progressives are getting along. They have their usual hysterical rants against the Second Amendment, and the Milwaukee County Sheriff and most everything the governor does, but the one post that did surprise me was that some of them were going after one of their own, Brett Hulsey.

Its odd that they would complain when normally bad taste and stupid ideas rain down from the disturbed left, for example the Solidarity singers that  annoyed decent people who tried to visit the capitol with their childish songs and immature antics. Its funny how the DPW are still fighting among themselves, they have a candidate running for governor who is part of the 1%  and the progressives can’t stand her as she is not far left enough and then you have a far left kook who thinks kkk hats are funny and the middle road dems are offended.

This should be one of the easiest election cycles for Scott Walker, with Mike Tate in charge and the circus acts they have running 4 more years of Governor Walker are almost chiseled in stone.