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Open Arms

Just knowing such outstanding people are arriving lke this every day makes me feel better about the open border that Obama has created.

Seventeen-year-old Jorge is a “confessed murderer” and member of the 18th Street gang.

Jose Enrique, 16, has “severe substance abuse” issues, self-mutilates, and has demonstrated “very aggressive” and “vicious” behavior.

Fifteen-year-old Pablo Alexander admitted to federal law enforcement officers that he had “murdered two rival gang members.”

Jacob Alexander, 17, said he had been “involved in shootings/murder attempts” and was “not sure if people died.”

The four teenagers all crossed illegally into the United States through Mexico this month before being detained by the Border Patrol in Texas. Without fear of retribution, they admitted past criminal behavior to law enforcement authorities in the United States. Their confessions were documented on an internal Department of Homeland Security “intake list”

They traveled alone from Honduras and El Salvador, trying to reunite with their families living in the United States, according to the DHS document. Despite their admitted criminal histories, they will more than likely be released to family members with only “notice to appear” orders for immigration court.


Obama and The Border

If this was not such a dangerous situation this would almost be funny.

“Boots on the ground”-that’s what President Barack Obama says is protecting our southern border-20,000 border patrol agents, 40,000 boots on the ground.

But what makes that statement a joke,  Border Patrol agents have to abandon their vehicles at makeshift fences constructed by our own Park Service on the U.S. side of the border. They are then forced to chase illegal aliens on foot so as not to disturb the fragile desert ecosystem.

In another park, federal agents have been warned to avoid disrupting a pond containing the endangered desert pupfish.

So the Obama administration is more worried about protecting the environment, telling the people of America that it more important than border security.

But don’t worry even if they cannot use their vehicles the Border Patrol agents can mount a horse to give chase across but the animals must consume weed-free-feed or their waste must be scooped up and disposed elsewhere to protect the fragile ecosystem against invasive weed species.

I hope they have explained all of these rules to those coming across the border illegally but somehow I doubt that they are held to the same standards.

Why They Are Wrong

This is a country of laws and included in those laws are immigration and how it is to legally be done. I just don’t understand why supporters of illegal immigration do nit understand that simple concept.

All that MOST Americans are asking is we welcome you yo join us, just do it by the way our laws ask you to and the way the MILLIONS of immigrants who came before you and built this country into the superpower it is did. The Pro illegal immigration supporters must understand that they are wrong 100% wrong to support open borders, until they do this problem they have created will never be resolved.

A Good Law

The federal government has for a long time refused to do its job and protect our southern border from the invasion of illegal immigrants coming into this country. So in a desperate move to protect the people of Arizona the state has done what DC is refusing to do, protect America.

Those who support this invasion use the flimsy excuse that if stopped people would be required to show papers to prove they are in this country legally.

Have any of you supporters of illegal immigrants ever been pulled over by a cop? Have you not been asked to provide your license, registration and insurance papers? Why should illegals, those who are in this country ILLEGALLY,  be giving a free ride? What makes them so special that they also do not need to provide the same proof all Americans now are required to provide.

America is not against immigration, it is how this country was built, but we have a right to know who is coming into this country, why are liberals so blind to this?

Once again if the politicians in DC were not all cowards and actually do what is in the best interest of America and it’s people states would not have to put themselves into the position Arizona now finds itself.

Good Catch

ICE agents entered a Postville IA. plant to execute a criminal search warrant for evidence relating to aggravated identity theft, fraudulent use of Social Security numbers and other crimes. Agents are also executing a civil search warrant for people illegally in the United States.

Immigration officials told aides to U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley that they expect 600 to 700 arrests.

GREAT JOB! Now we will start to hear sob stories about families being split up. Parents separated for their kids. No one to blame but themselves for putting themselves into that position.