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So Much Truth

Sometimes these memes can really hit the nail on the head.

Liberal Hate


60 Days

Starting November 15 the unions and their supporters have 60 days to try to undo the great work Gov. Scott Walker has done for our state in one year.

In recent days we have seen the left having meltdowns because of a few comical post by people as to what they would do to the petitions. The far left hate blog Blogging Blue had their typical over reaction to a comment made on Facebook, it is just amazing how the left have lost all common sense since February and that their lives are driven by hate of one individual.

So now with the far left ready to start the attack on the working middle class in the state with a recall attempt of the governor it is time for action. It is up to us to stop this attack by the unions and thugs who support their entitlement mentality.

When you are approached by an entitlement supporter with their petition, politely let them know that you are thankful for the great work Governor Walker has already done and you cannot sign that petition and hurt working families in this state.

Do not sink to the level of hate and anger we have seen from the left since February, remember we are better than that, be polite, be positive and keep Wisconsin moving forward for the hard-working families of Wisconsin.

It Has Come To This

President Obamas term in the White House has been one huge flop. He has done almost nothing correctly and even after 3 years still stumbles on a daily basis.

This week he even tried a new approach when he begged people at a rally, “if you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!” How sad when the leader of the greatest country on this planet has to resort to begging for help.

But that is not the whole story here. His support has dwindled down to a all-time low numbers. His disapproval rating has hit 50 percentof America is unhappy with his perfomance.

But luckily there is one blogger in this state that still gets a shiver up his leg when it comes to President Obama. An unnamed White House chef who is a home-brewing enthusiast, has been producing his own beer, while in the process making White House history. The Obama’s have paid for the White House’s microbrewing equipment with their own money, but don’t worry they won’t be getting their hands dirty, the White House chefs have been hard at work brewing since.

But that did not stop this blogger who posted in total glee,

“He brews his own beer. I think I’m in love again. . .”

I guess when you have elected such a poorly prepared person to be president, you need to grab onto anything you can, no matter how silly it looks to justify you voting for a failure.

How Afraid Are They?

The liberals in this state, for that matter around the country are starting to see how irrelevant they are becoming.  With their president showing that he is the most incompetent leader that this country has ever seen, they are becoming completely unglued. Just in our state alone since November they have lost every election and every court challenge. What little public support they may have had has dissolved due to their childish antics since February.

Now in desperation to boast their sagging egos, a group of far left bloggers in this  state have joined forces to write an open letter to Chris Chocola of Club for Growth and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. This letter was generated as they know that their chances of holding Herb Kohl’s seat is very unlikely, especially with the one candidate they currently have running.

The letter that they wrote is full of childish taunts and statements, you get the feeling the first draft of this letter was actually written in crayon. I guess they figure that if they continue to show how immature the liberal left in this state truly are, they think that they will somehow gain favor with the people of Wisconsin again, who  have told them in no uncertain terms that we no longer accept the Southern Wisconsin progressive agenda as our state values.

The fourteen bloggers who signed this comical letter once again prove that Michael Savage is correct about one thing, Liberalism is a mental disorder.


The complaining from the left just goes on and on. The actions of these people since February has been shameful. From costing the taxpayers millions of dollars due to their misguided protest, disrupting a Special Olympic event, even  glueing doors shut at private school, uncaring that they endangered the lives of the students inside that school.

The latest meltdown comes from the people at a far left socialist blog in the southern part of the state. They have compiled a list of how horrible (at least in their odd world) the teachers in New Berlin Wi. are being treated.

Below are some of the evils they are all worked up about

* $4,000 deductible with a $10 generic/ $50 brand drug cost
* The deductible can be reduced by $3,000 if employee and spouse fully participate in the Wellness Program
* Full participation in wellness program: health risk assessment, including biometrics, refrain from use of illegal drugs, participate in program to reduce risk factors, coaching, diet, behavior, follow up medical care, smoking cessation. 1st year: participate, 2nd year: have to take classes to reduce risk factors.
* False reporting, such as claiming you do not smoke when you do, can result in dismissal.
* $15,000 payout and age 55 retirement has been eliminated
* Retire by 2016 at age 57 with 20 years at New Berlin, receive insurance until age 65
* Retire by 2021 at 57 with 20 years, receive 3 years of insurance
* Retire after 2021 no benefit packages given.
* 5.8% of your salary will be deducted for state retirement benefits (pension system)
* Dress Code: Skirts below knee, no sweatshirts, no jeans, no large logos, no open shirts, etc.
* Evaluations: Done yearly without notice

How are these poor people suppose to live when they are being treated like common working folks, have we forgotten that they still belong to a union and they deserve special treatment?

But one of the funniest things I saw in the post was a report of out right hostilities at the meeting. It turns out that the teachers were  out numbered by regular citizens at this meeting. Because of the large turnout, there were a dozen police officers attending to make sure all went smoothly. But according to this blog, the evil conservatives were allowed to yelled and spit at the teachers, pulled signs out of their hands and ripped them up and even-handed out pacifiers to the teachers.

Now I have not heard anyone else but that blog report on these incidents, so they really hold little water. I do know for a fact that some people did bring candy pacifiers to the meeting, which is absolutely hysterical, when you think about the way these union people have been acting.

How long are they going to continue this behavior? How long is it going to be before they understand that the people in Wisconsin are happy with the changes that have come to Wisconsin? How long will it be before they come to the realization that there is a new day in Wisconsin and the old days of unions holding taxpayers hostage are gone.