Once Again No Leadership

Well its official: The World knows Obama wears a dress instead of a pair of pants.

Russia pulls its Ambassador from the U.S., builds 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and is about to cross that imaginary red line Obama has stated again.

Syria has not given up its Chemical weapons.

Iran is still pursuing Nuclear Weapons.

Russia is trying to establish bases in Cuba and South America and our president shows no leadership. The world had lost respect for America as a world power and President Obama is to be held accountable for that failure.


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  1. I agree with you that the President has limited global influence. I fail to see how Obama is at fault for this, however.

  2. orlin sellers

    Explain how any of this this is our business. Betcha can’t.
    Here is a map of Iran and the US miliitary bases surrounding it.

    Here’s a global look.

    Now, consider the fact that the US is attempting to break the treaty with Russia that brought down the Berlin Wall by attempting to get the Ukraine & Georgia into NATO, a complete violation of that agreement. The Russians must feel like the injuns.

    Then consider that the Ukranian protests were fomented by the US State Dept and how sweet it was for Hyland and the ambassador to hand out cookies to the protestors.

    And then factor in the clinical insanity of the US arming Iraq in their fight against ALQaida while arming Al Qaida in Syria and fomenting that civil war.

    You are an insane Neocon/Progressive who wants to destroy our country through war, debt, and an impossible imperialism.

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