Progressive Arrogance

One thing we have learned the last few years as progressives have slowly taken over the Democrat Party is that they have no tolerance for anyone who does not jump onto their socialist bandwagon. But what is even more disturbing is how they look at their neighbors, friends and co-workers.

A recent post at a far left progressive blog started with this comment;

My wife is a nurse in a small rural hospital up here in northern Wisconsin. By her account most of her co-workers could be reasonably characterized as rednecked conservatives.

But this progressive was not satisfied with talking about his wife’s apparent disdain for the people she works with but goes on to talk about the people in the area he lives and works with.

Keep in mind that a lot of these folks probably don’t vote, and it seems unlikely that any organization has ever attempted to reach out to them, to educate them about the value of government, or to take them to the polls. 

So in his mind people who refuse to follow the socialist progressive lifestyle he and his wife embrace are ignoramuses!

It is amazing that people like him need “organizations” to educated him how to vote, I think its called mind control or propaganda training, think that everyone is as weak minded and unable to think for themselves as the majority of progressives have shown. The author showed the vast difference between a ideology that will weaken America with laziness and the free thinking intelligent conservatives who are able to make the best individual choices for America and themselves and who understand that government is not there to control your lives like progressives so need and desire.

The 2014 state elections is just a start for us in Wisconsin to continue the work that was started with Governor Scott Walker. It will be important that we set the standard for America to reclaim itself back from the destructive direction that progressives are trying to lead us to.


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