New Direction

It seems like the recall maybe running out of steam. We no longer are getting the news stories about all of the success of the union controlled democrats getting thousands of signatures every day. There was even a story that said if they don’t raise $150,000 by this Friday it will be dead.

If you look around on the internet you actually seem to see a lot of fighting between the establishment and the extremist on the left as to how the recall has been handled.

You almost get the feeling that the recall is not working the way they had hoped.  Why do I get that feeling, well, in the past few days there seems to be a new focus on voter id issues. You can assume that the leadership in the state DNC see possible failure right around the corner of the recall, so in order to take the focus off they have decide to ramp up the id law.

All of a sudden you are seeing these heart-break stories, elderly who were born at home and never had a birth certificate. Blind people who have no way of getting to the DMV to get proper id. Or the people in rural areas who have no easy access to any DMV.

I asked the person who made the blind comment, how do the seeing impaired(my PC moment for all you libs) get around any other time, they have someone drive them, are you saying they could not have the same help to get to the DMV?

Liberals just keep on making excuses, if they worked this hard to make sure all people have ids as they do making excuses the whole state would be done by now.

It’s amazing how this again has become a hot button topic for liberals, and not just one or two bloggers, but many all at the same time.

Is that the smell of failure in the air over a recall attempt?


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