Somtimes You Just Smile

There are times when you hear things from Democrats that just make you smile.

The Democrats are currently conducting their ENTITLEMENT RECALL of 2011. They are angry and bitter that they now are being asked to pay their fair share of their health and retirement, which is not sitting well with union leadership, as it is cutting into their well-lined pockets.

The recall collectors recently had an early Christmas present (or in the case of the union people holiday present) handed to them by the GAB. The GAB said that they will take the recall petitions, but they won’t verify the petitions. (Sounds like a Seinfeld episode almost, “you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold a reservation.”), just makes this whole recall a tv sitcom joke, but I digress.

Basically what the GAB have told the union collectors is, GO FOR IT, we don’t care how you collect just collect and oh my how they have been.

A Milwaukee man is making claims that he’s signed petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker dozens of times.

“I think I signed about 80 times, I signed a lot of them for the past two weeks. I’ve been seeing them at the Grand Avenue Mall, out here by Pick N Save and stuff like that.”

I am amazed that someone would admit to something like that but it just shows how uninformed most people are who are signing the recall petitions. Don’t fool yourself that this is not going to be an isolated incident by these people.

So you are asking what was the smile moment in all of this, well this comment,

“We have an integrity process in place that we are following,” Graeme Zielinski of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said.

The Democratic Party spokesman would not elaborate.

The word INTEGRITY coming from a Democrat, just has to make one smile.


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