Will They Grow Up

Do liberals ever stop acting like children. These constant temper tantrums they keep throwing is just annoying.

Since early this year we have watched them whine and cry about everything that the governor has done for the people of Wisconsin.

We have seen them attack people who dare speak out against them. We have seen them attack teachers who dare speak out. We have heard about peoples cars being vandalized because they show Scott Walker support. We have seen them threaten Scott Walker and even more recently we saw them wish that the Governor or his family would get raped.

It is really hard to take these people serious when they call themselves tolerant or when the say the Tea Party is violent and racist. The left is  never happy always feel like they are the victims and really have no idea how to live their lives without the anger and bitterness

But its a new day and a new complaint. Have you seen the latest? Sen. Lena Taylor of Milwaukee is circulating a proposal that would create a new Capitol Council to determine such things as requirements for groups hoping to stage events in the Capitol. You know this is in retaliation for what the governor recently did, I have never seen so many children who pretend to be adults.

The left really needs to grow up, start acting like adults again, but the likelihood of that happening anytime soon is slim to none.


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