Just Amazing

It has an amazing week for the Union entitlement people.

Early in the week they learned that they have no accountability for the signatures they are collecting, so they were giving free pass to have people sitting in rooms filling out names from the local phone books.

Then we have learned that Kristi Lacroix, the public school teacher has come under attack for her PRO WALKER ad she is in. But the sad part is that they are not only going after her but also her husband and kids. It’s really nice to see that free speech is one of the ANTI WALKERS people’s beliefs.

But they were not done yet they still had Friday, the day the Governor lights the Christmas Tree at the state capital. Being people of little morals and fewer values they were not going to miss a opportunity to make fools out of themselves, and they did not disappoint. A few dozen decided to show up, and while some turned their backs as the tree was light others proudly saluted the event by raising their hands in the ever popular NAZI SALUTE.

These people talk about how mean conservatives are and how they do not care about people, well they really need a reality check of themselves and see the kind of hate and disrespect they have been displaying since early this year.

GREED is an evil trait, it’s too bad it has these people blinded to who they really have become.


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