A Union Ad

Saw a union anti Wisconsin ad this morning and I just had to laugh out loud at one part where some union paid actor says my child does not have enough chairs and desk in her room and kids are sitting on the floor! Somehow the fact that the union people at the school are unable to move the children to another room or have a union janitor carry a couple of desks or chairs from another room, somehow this is the Governors fault?

What happened, did he after his election go to this school and removed desk and chairs? Did these desk and chairs just magically disappear or were these poor children sitting on the floor during the Doyle years also?

How stupid are these people to think that people are going to buy their lies?


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  1. I want to submit the BS in this ad to PolitiFact, but am unable to find it. Can you help? Do you remember which union sponsored the ad?

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