Federal Governemet Failure

Need more proof that the federal government will be unable to run health care without totally messing it up.

Again the clowns who we seem to elect and end up in DC know how to write laws but they have no idea how to fix the problems they continue to create.

Did you know that there are people who getting housing vouchers here in Brown County and they don’t even live here. They use a federal loophole which allows them to “port out,” which means they can take the voucher to another city and the local housing authority still must pay a portion of their rent.

The number of “port out” families accounts for 5 percent of those with Brown County vouchers. There are 900 families are on the Brown County voucher waiting list, which has an estimated wait time of 15 months. Integrated Community Solutions’ records show families with vouchers originally obtained in Brown County now live across the nation, including Minnesota, California, Tennessee and North Dakota.

Once they move they should lose the voucher, but  the federal government only knows how to create  problems and they never have a clue how to  fix a problem.


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