Don’t Tread On Me

A worker was fired from a Outback Steakhouse in Crystal Lake IL.after a customer got very upset over her wearing the bracelet, Don’t Tread On Me. The woman asked her where she got it and what it meant and when she was told she got it at a TEA Party convention the woman flipped.

“Those were the wrong two words to say to me. The Tea Party is ruining this Country and you need to get yourself educated little girl”. After the woman was finished insulting her she said, “Box up my damn food, get me some more water and while you’re at it get me your damn manager”.

The waitress sent the owner over and he was at the table for close to 10 mins, he then approached the waitress and said that he was letting her go. She has worked at Outback for 4 years, never had any problems in the past with the owner.

She has a document from the State of Illinois that states that she was wrongly fired. Outback has refused to re-hire her saying that there were other problems in the past, though the waitress said she has never been spoken to in the past about complaints.

Do you support what Outback did firing her because customers were offended by a bracelet or were they wrong in firing her.


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  1. The waitress needs to get a lawyer and sue Outback into the next life.

    Last year where I work every morning I wrote the number of days until Obama’s term was over. All I wrote was the number and tacked in my cubicle. Finally, one of co-workers asked what the number was. I said something like “The numbers of day until Obama’s term is done”. A couple of hours of later I was called into HR and asked to take the number down. Because I did not want to lose the job, I reluctantly took it down. During the conversation in HR I complained that at least three employees have pictures of Obama in their cubicle and that another one had a “Obama 2008 – Hope and Change” sticker tacked up. HR said they would check it out. Nothing happened.

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