60 Days

Starting November 15 the unions and their supporters have 60 days to try to undo the great work Gov. Scott Walker has done for our state in one year.

In recent days we have seen the left having meltdowns because of a few comical post by people as to what they would do to the petitions. The far left hate blog Blogging Blue had their typical over reaction to a comment made on Facebook, it is just amazing how the left have lost all common sense since February and that their lives are driven by hate of one individual.

So now with the far left ready to start the attack on the working middle class in the state with a recall attempt of the governor it is time for action. It is up to us to stop this attack by the unions and thugs who support their entitlement mentality.

When you are approached by an entitlement supporter with their petition, politely let them know that you are thankful for the great work Governor Walker has already done and you cannot sign that petition and hurt working families in this state.

Do not sink to the level of hate and anger we have seen from the left since February, remember we are better than that, be polite, be positive and keep Wisconsin moving forward for the hard-working families of Wisconsin.


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