The Unhinging of A Party

I have not made a new post here for a couple of weeks because I have been busy and there really has been little that I have found worthy to comment on. The silly and pointless Occupy This and Occupy That protest has no legs and really may be good for the far left media as a story but for the rest of America these protest are non stories.

But it looks like with the pointless recall attempt soon starting of the Governor,  the far left is slowly coming unhinged, as they know that their chances of a successful recall is about as great as the current occupant of the White House getting re-elected next year, zero to none.

Since November of 2010, the far left in this state have slowly been losing touch with reality. With all of the failures they have had this year, from the Supreme Court Recount debacle, to the failed attempts to recall senators who were doing their jobs instead of running and hiding in another state like little cowards, the fare left have had a difficult time accepting that the people in this state no longer accept their extremist outdated ideas of socialism and Marxism.

My guess is that the attacks will continue right through the 2012 elections, my hope is once they see America has voted for conservative ideas and responsible government they will grow up stop acting like children and decide to join us at the table to restore America to a world leader, not the broken train wreck it currently is.


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