Just A Helping Hand

There’s a group of far left kooks who call themselves Untied Wisconsin, they are trying to figure out if there is support for a recall and when they should hold the recall.

There biggest concern is that someone will try to start the recall on Nov. 5, which have them all worked up.

They are worried that someone is going to try to start the recal process on the 5th, which worries them that  recall groups won’t be  ready to go, which the makes the worry that the result could be confusion over a failed petition attempt. They are worried that if it starts Nov 5, they run into the holidays the bad winter weather, which would make them short of volunteers. The other issue they are real worried that the election could fall on the April 3rd Republican Presidential Primary. Historically, Republicans have dominated Wisconsin statewide elections in the spring. But the funniest whine I saw from them is, a April recall election would coincide with the first implementation of the new Voter ID law which makes it more difficult for some Democratically leaning groups to vote.

So it looks like is that these clowns are going to try to recall a governor who brought some common sense back to a state that was being underwhelmed with progressive idealism. My hope is that someone will see the advantage to starting the recall on Nov. 5 and make sure that it begins there and ends 60 days later in defeat of their petty anger issues.


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