It Has Come To This

President Obamas term in the White House has been one huge flop. He has done almost nothing correctly and even after 3 years still stumbles on a daily basis.

This week he even tried a new approach when he begged people at a rally, “if you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!” How sad when the leader of the greatest country on this planet has to resort to begging for help.

But that is not the whole story here. His support has dwindled down to a all-time low numbers. His disapproval rating has hit 50 percentof America is unhappy with his perfomance.

But luckily there is one blogger in this state that still gets a shiver up his leg when it comes to President Obama. An unnamed White House chef who is a home-brewing enthusiast, has been producing his own beer, while in the process making White House history. The Obama’s have paid for the White House’s microbrewing equipment with their own money, but don’t worry they won’t be getting their hands dirty, the White House chefs have been hard at work brewing since.

But that did not stop this blogger who posted in total glee,

“He brews his own beer. I think I’m in love again. . .”

I guess when you have elected such a poorly prepared person to be president, you need to grab onto anything you can, no matter how silly it looks to justify you voting for a failure.


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