Coming Unhinged

There is a far left lunatic in Madison who runs around town in a pink dress. This deranged soul, Miles Kristan, is known for the harassment and stalking of Republican legislators, but now he has crossed the line by assaulting three Republican lawmakers in a public place.  It is one thing to be in public dressed like an idiot and acting like a moron but when it becomes a physical attack it is time to draw a line.

People need to stop allowing this yo-yo and his little Neanderthal sidekick who is known as CJ who just spends most of his time yelling and screaming at people to get away with this behavior. It is time people get in their face and let them know that we are SICK of their childish antics, especially now that they are escalating, which can only lead to more dangerous violence by these two.

Since February it seems like the left in this state has been coming unhinged. Just the other day we had Democratic state Sen. Lena Taylor of Milwaukee start a boycott of businesses here in Wisconsin. She is encouraging  her supporters  to destroy a local Milwaukee gas station owner, she asking people not to buy products from GP.  What this obviously dimwitted person does not understand is that these businesses provide jobs and pay taxes to the state.

Liberals will tell you over and over that they support labor and the working people. But with people like Lena Taylor and AFSCME Council 24 Field Rep. Jim Parrett who earlier this year tried to intimidate business owners when they would not display  signs supporting “workers rights”, you really have to wonder who they actually support?

It is time that the people of Wisconsin stand up and say no more, you are not going to threaten us, you are not going to be allowed to terrorist us, you are no longer going to bully us in order to get what you want.

It is time for the people of Wisconsin to say this is OUR STATE and your values and ideas are not welcome here.




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