History Repeats

On April 1, 1933, a week after Hitler became dictator of Germany, he ordered a boycott of Jewish shops, banks, offices and department stores.

State Sen. Lena Taylor is calling on people to boycott, two gas stations in Milwaukee, Andy’s Gas Station and also paper products made by Georgia Pacific. The gas station owners gave to her opponent and GP has some kind of Koch brothers connection.

Isn’t amazing these people say they are for the working class in the state but they encourage people to destroy Wisconsin families by hurting the business they work at. In the world of progressives it’s either support us, do not have free choice and you will be ok, otherwise we will destroy you.

What progressives have been doing in this state since February is just unbelievable. These people are adults but they are acting like spoiled children who have been taken to the woodshed for the first time and now are just throwing one temper tantrum after another.


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