Paul Krugman A True American A-Hole

Today in the NY Times, Americas favorite bird-cage lining, the far left socialist Paul Krugman made one of the most despicable commentaries I have ever seen. On this day when most of America is coming together to remember the tragedy of ten years ago, this far left ideologue uses it to attack among others President George Bush.

I am not going to repeat what this scum of the earth human being said as it is not worthy of repeating, but let me just saw what a coward this man is, here is the final line of the article it says all you need to know about this clown.

I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons.

What a coward, attack the president and then run and hide back under the rock he comes from, this is the face of progressives, this is the antics of liberals.  DISGUSTING!


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