How Afraid Are They?

The liberals in this state, for that matter around the country are starting to see how irrelevant they are becoming.  With their president showing that he is the most incompetent leader that this country has ever seen, they are becoming completely unglued. Just in our state alone since November they have lost every election and every court challenge. What little public support they may have had has dissolved due to their childish antics since February.

Now in desperation to boast their sagging egos, a group of far left bloggers in this  state have joined forces to write an open letter to Chris Chocola of Club for Growth and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. This letter was generated as they know that their chances of holding Herb Kohl’s seat is very unlikely, especially with the one candidate they currently have running.

The letter that they wrote is full of childish taunts and statements, you get the feeling the first draft of this letter was actually written in crayon. I guess they figure that if they continue to show how immature the liberal left in this state truly are, they think that they will somehow gain favor with the people of Wisconsin again, who  have told them in no uncertain terms that we no longer accept the Southern Wisconsin progressive agenda as our state values.

The fourteen bloggers who signed this comical letter once again prove that Michael Savage is correct about one thing, Liberalism is a mental disorder.


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