They Just Can’t Buy A WIn

The poor liberals and progressives in this state. They have suffered defeat after defeat since Nov of 2010 in everything they have tried.

Starting in November of 2010 the voters in the state returned power to the people, by electing Scott Walker as governor and putting the Senate in the hands of Republicans.

Then In February, they had a never before seen meltdown when they state unions were asked to pay their fair share of healthcare and retirement,  in their tantrum they went after Republicans who were brave enough to vote the will of the people instead of running and hiding like 14 Democrats did.

While working on the recalls the spring elections were held where Judge Prosser won his seat again in the court. The overwhelming victory against the union chosen candidate did not slow down the desperation of the left. They DEMANDED the state pay for a recount that in the end still gave Judge Prosser a 7,000+ victory.

Then came the charge of a fight in the Supreme Court between two justices! Again they got all foamy at the mouth thinking this will be their chance to get a liberal majority in the Supreme Court  and they would then be able to legislate from the bench.

So as a special prosecutor investigated that the nine recall elections started. The unions were all excited, figuring they would win a majority of the recalls and take control of the senate. But alas they failed again to get the people of Wisconsin to support them and took only 2 of the nine elections, leaving them to once again lick their wounds from spending millions of dollars and getting no return for the buck.

Now today they get knocked down again, as the special prosecutor has decided there is no evidence to prosecute Judge Prosser on the false charges so the court will stay fair and balanced and work for the people.

So what is next for the Democrats, progressives and the public unions n this state? Well there is still rumblings for a recall of Scott Walker, but it is clear after this many defeats and the governors policies actuality working in the state, that the steam for that recall is slowly fading away. Do they really want to lose one more time, being democrats and failure is so common for them, I can only assume they will try.


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