Friday and A Look Back

This past Tuesday was a historical day for the people of Wisconsin,  an unprecedented number of recall elections were held. The people behind this effort were upset that the governor of this state had the balls to stand up to them and was brave enough to make the decisions to bring Wisconsin’s budget out of the red.

So while 14 Democrats ran away from their duties, Republicans stayed and did the job the people of the state asked of them. This did not sit well with the unions and  recall madness started in earnest. Thousands of outside the state people and millions of out of state dollars were put into action, to defeat the brave men and women who did the right thing.

The unions yelled and scream that they were going to take the state back by defeating all of these honest hardworking people. They would get their puppets back into Madison so they again could take control of the taxpayers paycheck.

You had outside groups like We Are Wisconsin  pump $20,000,000 dollars into the recall. The AFL-CIO, AFCSME, pumped millions in from their national members. WEAC worked hard for victory,  they all said this was a referendum on the Scott Walker agenda!

So what happened, for all of the money spent, all the out-of-state people bussed in, they were only able to win two seats, the two easiest seats in the recall. They did not get the majority, they did not derail Scott Walker,  they completely failed at their plan.

But liberals being liberals and reality something many of them still have not come to terms with, are now spinning this as a HUGE victory for unions. I just find it hysterical that after suffering such a huge defeat this week that they now think they can spin this a new way, do they really think people are going to believe that silliness?

Earlier this year they had another “referendum” on Scott Walker with the Supreme Court race between Prosser and Kloppenburg, they loss that race by huge numbers, so they used the recall as a referendum on Scott Walker, and they loss by big numbers again. The big question is, do they have enough steam left to follow through with the threat to try and recall Scot Walker? Have they not learned anything this year, that the people of Wisconsin support Governor Walker and do NOT support the entitlement agenda of unions, could the Democrats really be that out of touch, YES THEY CAN.


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