The Man Is An Idiot

It’s really amazing the current political situation in this country. We have an economy that continues to spin its wheels with millions of people unable to find work. We have a president who is so incompetent that he has no idea how to even begin to fix it, and his own party has turned against him. We have a Vice President, Joe Biden, who is about as bright as a box of rocks and proves it every time he opens his mouth. These two would give Abbot and Costello a run for their money as best comedy team, but sadly what they say and doing to our country is not one bit funny.

Biden just seems to find ways to reinvent stupid. On Monday of this week he declared that Americans who oppose the stupidity that his boss is reigning down on America are now terrorists for disagreeing with them. That part is really no big deal as this clearly is the plan of the Democrats to label the Tea Party of America as terrorists.  But to have the Vice President who represents ALL Americans to say this is just disgraceful.

The real kicker from this mental midget was when he told Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords this week that they were both members of the “cracked head club.” Here is a women who was shot in the head, sustaining grave injuries during a shooting rampage in Arizona back in January, and this mumbnuts makes jokes about it, while she is still working on recovery.

Of course there has been no outrage from the liberal media in this country, no wall to wall coverage of how insensitive he was,  no outrage from the leftwing bloggers, nothing from any of them. They will continue to ignore the statement like they do so often when one of their own makes a statement that if done by a conservative would be news for days.

Let’s keep hoping the Democrats keep rolling out Joe Biden and let the man who could have replaced Bozo the Clown on WGN continue to attack Americans, we will remember all of this in November 2012 Joe.


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