Are Tea Party Members Terrorist?

According to a far left blogger in Madison WI,  Gregory A Humphrey, the tea party is a terrorist group that he compares to the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor and the Islamic terrorist who destroyed the WTC.

This far left radical had this to say about the Tea Party,

Tea Party must be treated as terrorists for the shameless blackmailing of the United States government.

Is it not amazing that because people from all races, all backgrounds have come together to say enough is enough to Washington, the far left ideologues like this gentleman are afraid that their entitlement lifestyle will come to end, that they now label good down to earth Americans as terrorist. Its is people like him who has caused such a major divide and riff in this country, one we have not seen since the Civil War.

It is really amazing how the left in this country has become so unhinged. Part of the reason is that they have elected the worse president this country has ever seen, and they now see that because of their blind choice of a community organizer this country is on the brink of default, that everything he has touched has failed and the man has no vision for this country.  They are also upset by the wave of conservative victories in this country. They are seeing that their ideas and values are being rejected by the people in America. 2011 is gong to be remembered as the year of the conservative revival, President Obama has been powerless in Washington all year thanks to the Tea Party.

The states have been busy reigning in the out of control spending of liberals, states have been electing conservative politicians whose goals were to balance state and federal budgets.

We have seen state after state taking on the spending, in Wisconsin there has been praise and support for the wonderful work Governor Scott Walker has done this year. He has led this state out of debt, created new jobs and been an inspiration for others all around the country to stand up and say enough is enough. Sadly there are dark forces working against the good this man has done. They are upset that they have been asked to pay their fair share, help cover their health care cost, help pay for their retirement, but the entitlement lifestyle of union members has brought disgrace and shame to this state by the way they have been acting. Protesting special Olympic events, protesting business that help people with physical challenges find employment.

You will never hear far left people like Mr Humphrey complain about the antics of unions and their supporters, no he does not see them as being wrong, but have people stand up and say enough is enough we need to stop spending money we do not have and all he sees are terrorist.

Mr Humphrey I suggest you find a mirror, you want to see the face of a real terrorist you will find it there.

We the people have said enough to your kind, you no longer represent the people, you no longer have a voice people care  to hear. You owe millions of Americans an apology for your disgusting terrorist comment, but being the conceited individual you are, whose liberal ego of elitism thinks you are head and shoulders above everyone else, an apology will never come from you.

The Tea Party and it’s members are the new face of America, the new voice for America.


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  1. Does this really surprise you? Its fear mongering at its worst.

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