Under The Bus

I was reading this morning that the META has decided not to give in to anymore concessions. The district laid off 519 district employees, including 354 teachers, in June to balance its budget. The school board was asking if the teachers would like to save some of the laid off teachers.  MPS had been asking teachers for a 5.8% pension contribution, the saving would be enough to pay the salaries and benefits of about 200 teachers.

So the META sent out a survey to see if the teachers would like to contribute so they would not lose teachers. Surprisingly it was a 48% yes and 52% no. Now I say surprising because I think this shows that there are a number of teachers out there who understand they already have a great deal at taxpayers expense and were willing to make a “little” sacrifice.

Ingrid Henry, a MPS teacher, voted not to pursue concessions on the survey. She said teachers made concessions nine months ago in the four-year contract.

Well lets take a peek at those ‘major’ concessions. The new four-year contract that the teachers signed have them suffering by having them  pay 1% or 2% of their salary toward the health care premium, they do not contribute any part of their salary toward their pension. With a small 5.8% pension contribution, the saving would be enough to pay the salaries and benefits of about 200 teachers.

But they REFUSE to do this! They are willing to throw their own union members under the bus for the benefit of their own pocket. They always tell others they need to pay their fair share, I wonder why this never relates back to them. So next time you hear a teacher say this is all Governor Walkers fault that so many teachers have lost jobs, suggest to them to go find a mirror, the person who is really responsible will be there looking at them.

It is hard to understand where the teacher unions are coming from sometime but then you see quotes like this, you just shake your head in amazement.  Fond du Lac Education Association President Hedy Eischeid  had this to say about the school district erasing a $4,400,000 shortfall?

“The school district’s announcing of a ‘balanced budget’ is a slap in the face to the community and the educators of the Fond du Lac School District.”

Somehow I have a feeling the community is thankful to see a school board who has saved the taxpayers FOUR MILLION DOLLARS.


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