The End`

Another great moment in USA history ended this morning when the last shuttle landed after 30 years of service. We were all amazed 30 years ago when we saw this vehicle looking like a jet launch into space and then a few days later we all held are breath as we watch it return and land in the California desert.

I still remember getting up after working the 3rd shift on January 28, 1986 to see how the shuttle mission Challenger was going that day, only to find out that it had broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, and the tragedy of losing the first civilian in the space program, a young teacher from New Hampshire.

I grew up watching the Mercury and Apollo projects and mans first steps into space, today is a sad day for those of us who looked to the skies as young kids, looking up at the moon from our backyards, amazed that there were men walking on the moon.


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