Reading the left-wing blogs today you would think that the win by fleebagger Dave Hansen last night was a monumental of an event as the second coming of Christ.

Here you have a man who had thousands of dollars given to him by unions within the state and out-of-state. that had donations from PACs’ and individuals from all around the country. Spent thousands of dollars on campaign ads and had a large number of volunteers working for him. Then his opponent, a man with no support from the Republican party, no huge cash donations from outside the state, a very small volunteer group to help him and a questionable background that had many people who wanted to vote against Hansen unable to do so because of his character.

Fleebagger Hansen won with 66% of the vote. Liberals around the state are looking at this as momentum for the other recalls, thinking that what happened in District 30 will happen again and again.

You all need a reality check, no one in this district thought that fleebagger was going to lose, and many are surprised that his opponent was able to get 10,000 votes. That number  really tells you how sick people are of the way the Democrats are conducting themselves, more worried about taking care of the union people who own them than the people in their districts who have to pay the bill for all of their foolish ideas and spending.

Nov 2012 Fleebagger will be up against a real opponent and this time the results will be a whole lot different.


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