This Is Sad

This really shows what progressives are all about. On a far left blog they have been whining and crying about David VanderLeest as the candidate going up against fleebagger David Hansen.

There recently was a  post was about some legal problems Mr. Vanderleast has had. The comments to that posting just show what type of hypocrites progressives are. It all started with this comment.

Jan says:

I’d like to take a baseball bat to this pig. What a coward. Beats up on women and kids. Perfect representation of the Rethuglian Party.

So she is upset about violence and yet she advocates violence. Sadly no one on the blog including the editor said anything to her about her violent suggestions. Finally someone did post that she was going to pray for Jan and then added the comment maybe someone should take a baseball bat to her. Well that just got all of the self-righteous progressives all upset.

Steven says:

Kim, we don’t appreciate threats around here. Saying someone needs a “bat to the head” is the kind of crude and ugly threat we will not tolerate. As a so-called friend of David VanderLeest, such threats do him no good at all, but instead shows that those who defend him are just as prone to violence and abuse as he is.

Please stop with the threats.

So they have a progressive who said she would like to use a baseball bat on him and  not a peep, yet when someone makes a comment toward the original poster all of a sudden, WE DO NOT ALLOW THREATS! I guess on that blog, just like in most of the progressive world, it is a one way street. They are appalled at violence but when it is one of their own threatening violence, well I guess its acceptable behavior. No one has yet said anything to the original commentator, but she must have actually given thought to what she said and decided that maybe she was a little over the top, so she decided to take a new stand

Jan says:

And David VanderLEAST is still a pig. Maybe he shouldn’t get a bat to the head. Maybe just someone bigger and stronger than he could beat the holy livin’ crap out of him. Like he picks on people smaller and weaker than himself.

Well that’s better let’s just get someone else to do her dirty work, then as a true progressive, she can just wash her hands of any responsibility.

Progressives are truly amazing people. They see themselves on some type of moral pedestal, always thinking they are taking the high ground, when in reality they display some of the most hateful and vile tendencies you will ever see.


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