New Delima

The poor liberals in this state, they just can’t seem to catch a break, While a few thousand union workers are upset with Scott Walker the taxpayers in the state are now seeing the positive benefits of his budget and the millions of dollars being saved.

The democrats have worked very hard to make the people who own them, unions, happy. They ran away when they were suppose to be representing all of the people in their district. They have worked hard to get far left candidates on the recall ballots in attempts to return Wisconsin back into a state of special entitlements for a few and now they are going to focus on recalling Governor Walker, because he has Wisconsin’s best interest as his number one priority, unlike the Democrats who don’t care about the taxpayer, they only care about the union dollars they get contributed to their campaign funds.

But now they are confused as to when they think they should have their recall.

They party wants to have the recall in the spring, but a far left element is worried that having the election in the spring would have a large voter turnout for the Republican primary. The thought of the far left is lets hold it in November when Obama will be on the ballot, I say HELL YES! Obama has been such a failure that the turnout will be even bigger in the conservative community,

The Democrats are as giddy as school boys finding their dads stash of Playboys for the first time, they really think they have  a shot of removing Governor Walker. But with this countries desire to remove hope and change from the White House, the battle is a long shot and the people of Wisconsin will have Governor Walker still working for them, not the special interest groups.



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