We Can You Can’t

Those wild and whacky liberals are at it again. They are thumping their chest about all of the primary wins the other day, hello?!, did anyone really think that they would not win? I guess the unions did, as they spent thousands of dollars campaigning against people who for the most part just sat at home with not a worry in the world, the way the Green Bay Press-Gazette acted you would have thought that Nancy Nusbaum just had her greatest political victory ever! Were they really that insecure about their chances, did they really think that people who were not campaigning were able to beat them? Are they really that bad of candidates that they have no confidence in themselves, I guess the answer to all of those questions is YES!

Now that is is over they are having a new tantrum, they now want the Republican Party to pay for the cost of the primaries.

Well that sounds reasonable as long as the Democrats agree to pay for the cost of security and damage during the occupation of Madison this year. You know what, as long as we are having people pay, let’s add the expense of the Supreme Court recount when Kloppenburg had ZERO chance of winning it.

But let’s step back a minute, who actually started all of this recall nonsense, oh yes it was Democrats, maybe we should have the ones who thought this was a good idea held responsible.

Recalling those who fail to do the job they were hired to do is different than recalling someone because you don’t like the job they’re doing.


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