Polls, always a popular topic in the world of politics. If the numbers are favorable for your candidate or cause, you will shout from the mountain top about how wonderful they are. If the numbers are not the ones you like, well then polls are useless. You see it over and over again in the blogging world.

So lets take a look at a few polls.

The faith in this president has never been overwhelming. his lack of experience has haunted him from  day one. He was propelled into office not because of what he brought to the office, but for who he wasn’t, he was not George Bush. In 2008 it would not have mattered who was the Democrat candidate, they would not have lost. The latest Gallup poll shows that if the election was held today he would soundly lose to any Republican candidate. The economy has made no gains under him, world opinion of this country is at an all time low. The current poll has Obama at 39% any Republican candidate at 47% a +8 spread.

In 2008 the liberal media and Democrats found a common enemy in Sarah Palin. The daily focus from them was stunning. Every move, every word was a new reason to write or report something negative on her. Well here we are in the next election cycle and the liberals and the Obama media have a new target, Michelle Bachmann. The vile, the hate, the disgusting comments again can be found on blogs and media outlets like MSNBC. In the most  recent poll she now has a +3% lead over former front-runner Mitt Romney. In head to head with the President she rails by 1% point, 47-46.

There is a long way before November of 2013 and the political field is going to change a number of times. But I do believe that this is not going to be an easy re-election for the President as times are hard for many people in this country and he has been unable to resolve the problems in this country. The promise of the stimulus that he signed almost the first day in office and that it was going to create jobs, bring prosperity back to America has never developed, and now he wants to stall the economy even further by raising taxes on the majority of the people in this country.

Economy’s cannot grow when you are taxing business and have out of control government spending.

This is something that liberals are unable to comprehend and explains why America is currently in at a standstill in job growth.


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