It Just Won’t End

The liberal blogs today are having a field day whining about the so-called “fake” candidates from yesterdays primary.

When you ask them what law was broken running as others as Democrats, they never come back with an answer.

What we do get are rants, anger and outright bitterness. For example:

I don’t ever want to hear another word from any of you about vote fraud perpetrated by Democrats,

Somehow this blogger compares running candidates in an election to the criminal activity of voter fraud that Democrats are so famous for. It’s a stretch but that’s all Democrats have this election, bitterness and desperation.

My favorite comment I saw comes from the same far left blog where it was said about the candidates by the blogger;

(candidates)were placed on ballots simply to confuse voters and delay the recall elections

Having choices confuses progressives? I really doubt that the democratic voters could get any more confused, remember the hanging chads of the 2000 election, the Democrats could not even poke a simple hole in a ballot. To say that by giving voters a choice that it confuses them, well maybe it’s just better that they don’t vote.

Why is voting such a difficult thing for progressives?


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