Unions Will Tell You End of the World

But take a look at just the savings to taxpayers already only a few weeks into the new budget.

  • Menomonee Falls School District will save $2.4 million by leaving the WEA Trust and switching to Humana.
  • The Heartland-Lakeside School District expects to save almost $700,000 dollars during the 2011-2012 school year because they are able to leave WEA Trust.
  • The Pewaukee School District will save $378,000 by next year because they are able to leave WEA Trust.
  • The Neenah School District will save $3.4 million in part because collective bargaining changes allowed them to bid-out for health insurance.  WEA Trust was forced to compete, and thus offered the district the same coverage it had been providing previously for significantly less than they had been charging.
  • The Kaukauna School District reports that they will save significant sums of money because of their ability to bid-out health insurance, after WEA Trust agreed to match the lowest bid and again provide the same coverage for a drastically reduced price.
  • The Marshfield School District’s director of instruction told the Marshfield News Herald: “Given the cost savings with health insurance and the turnover with staff and new hires, we will be able to preserve our programs and come up with a balanced budget.”  The district expects to save $850,000 by leaving WEA Trust.

This is only the beginning do not believe the doom and gloom you hear from the unions, their concern is not about the student about their own pocketbook.


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