They Just Don’t Stop

Liberals you just have to wonder what really goes on in their head.

Rep. Paul Ryan was having a meal with friends at a DC restaurant. During his meal Susan Feinberg, an associate business professor at Rutgers, went off on Mr. Ryan and his guest over wine that was ordered by one of them. It was the most expensive bottle on the menu at $350. This brilliant professor saw a second bottle ordered and amazingly was able to total the two without the help of a calculator and she quickly figured out they had just spent $700 on wine!  So now Susan, who was admittedly soaked in half a bottle of wine herself, went of on a far left temper tantrum, hitting all of the typical left-wing talking points, including the always heart tugging, cuts to programs for seniors and the poor.

I even saw one blog gleefully say this women was standing up for the middle class! What a hoot, she was in the same expensive restaurant as Mr. Ryan, she could care less about the middle class, she is your typical elitist east coast professor.

Then on the state level we have the state Democrats once again having a new hissy fit. They are again running to the courts in the state. This time they are upset with the new political boundaries for Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts and all 132 legislative seats. The Legislature is charged with redrawing the lines based on population data from the U.S. Census. Wisconsin’s population increased 300,000 over the past decade. Every state must draw new lines for congressional and legislative districts based on new U.S. census data. Democratic leader in the Senate, Mark Miller of Monona, promised a challenge in court. How sad that the Democrats have such a problem with the Constitution that they need to go to the courts time and time again to try to weaken it.

And finally on this Saturday I am starting to worry about my friends on the left.

First we have “Segway Boy,” the perpetual protester who has  made a career out of annoying behavior. Jeremy Ryan, has “15 citations totaling $3,604.50 for protesting and disrupting events at the Capitol.” It has been reported so far, he hasn’t paid a cent. Now he’s taken to the internet to beg… for others to help him continue to mooch. He is getting evicted from his apartment, has no money to buy food and is refusing to get a job so he can continue to do nothing with his life.

I face the very real possibility of losing my apartment. So I am faced with an option and something I never wanted it to come to. Get a full time job or ask for help

A liberal who wants everyone else to take care of him, what a surprise.

Michael Savage is right, Liberalism is a mental disorder.


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