Wisconsin Fleebaggers

We all remember the fourteen Democratic senators of Wisconsin, including Dave Hansen,  who ran away from their duties they were elected to do earlier this year. The fourteen fleebaggers, including Dave Hansen, kept saying they were paying for all of their expenses out of their own pocket. Well it looks like now that they are not only cowards afraid to do the job they were elected to do but also seem to have a hard time telling the truth.

It turns out that a far left group of progressives are now actually  bragging about raising $200,000 to help keep these Wisconsin Senators out-of-state.

Isn’t it amazing that the left were whining and crying about outside influences during all of this and yet they are the ones who really were getting the major financial support and help from outside the state of Wisconsin.

By the way Democracy for America, you could have worked a little harder raising money for them. They all eventuality returned to the state which was not what most of Wisconsin wanted, we were all so happy that these fourteen left and wish they had taken a few more progressives with them.

So what you say now Dave Hansen still want to continue being dishonest with the people of your district?


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