The Kooky Left

There is a little left wing blog  run by some real radical left wing nuts. I use to go to the blog just to yank their chains and actually had a lot of fun knowing they were all having meltdowns.

Well recently  the youngster who runs the blog banned me, and I sent him a nice little thank you message for all of the humor he and the other crackpots down there supplied me. Of course being a man of no morals he posted the private message, which I figured he would,  that was one of the reasons I sent it, I knew I could get him to once again react to something I said. I am really going to miss how easy it was to play with these yahoos.

The post to my banning were coming fast and furious for a few days I would like to share some of the love from these tolerant left wing progressives.

Annie K. …….I stopped reading and participating here because of Notalib.His presence here made about as much sense as a Klansman sitting in on early NAACP meetings

Actually when she left the blog improved, she was even farther to the left than most of the nutballs who were posting there, they even had a hard time with her thought process at times.

Dave……….I never responded to Notalib.aren’t all comments by repugs worthless and unproductive…..? Thanks for banning this guy.

Steve Carlson………I kinda liked Notalib. I mean, who am I going to trade vicious insults with now?

Steve was a lot of fun he was easy to get started and once I got him hooked it was like playing one of those fishing games at the penny carnival, throw out the bait and ol’ Steve would bite.

Gregory A Humphrey……….He had made a threat against the United Nations that I could not abide.You can stand proud for taking off a red-meat snarler that only wants attention, and wishes never to light the way.

Little Greg runs another kooky blog. He loves to defend the anti American culture all of the time. Don’s dare say anything negative about the UN, that is his God, he hates the Second Amendment, and has the biggest crush on Sarah Palin I have ever seen.

T……..I honestly can’t really dislike him. I pity him because he’s full of such hatred, irrationality, and fear with his reality literally twisted because of his political beliefs

T is actually from the Green Bay area who had a love affair going with the far left progressives found in southern Wisconsin. T was always enjoyable because as the topic flowed I knew how to push the right buttons to get a response from him.

There were others but these are the main players in that wild and kooky world known as the Wisconsin Progressive movement. It was fun playing with this group, they actually had a little spunk, but now we all will move on. There are plenty of leftwing blogs like the one I just left who really think they are relevant, that they really are making some kind of mark in the world………..hang on gang I will find you.

Oh and  one more thing Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder.


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