They Just Can’t Stop

The far left extremist at Blogging Blue have again turned on the waterworks today. They have a post over there that comes from the AFL-CIO and it just once again shows how childish those on the left can be.

One of the main tactics used by liberals is fear mongering.

Watching this video by the AFL-CIO you would think America is going to return to the days of child sweatshops. Do they really think people are going to fall for lies like this? They continue to want to make business the enemy of the people, but they forget that without business there would be no unions and the leaders of unions would not be taking in 6 figure salaries. Unions deserve credit for many of the positive work conditions we all now have in this country, but times have changed, the economy has changed and competition from foreign sources are the real threat to our way of life.

Its is time for both unions and business to stop looking at each other as enemies and start working together for the betterment of US labor.

Not that long ago, GM closed a number of facilities in America putting large numbers of Americans out of work. They then asked the taxpayers of this country to bail them out. By doing so we saved hundreds of thousands of us jobs directly and indirectly, but  just recently GM announced that they are going to expand two plants in Mexico creating hundreds of new jobs. Jobs that could have gone to Americans and some of the plants that are sitting closed. Did GM just decide to go south knowing they could not  meet union demands and stay profitable, or did they not even bother to talk to unions and see if they could work a deal to bring jobs back to America? Is this the future of our country?

We need to find solutions, unions and business working as one would be a great step in winning that battle.


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