They Had The Numbers

There was a walk in Madison that you probably did not hear about since the media would never have time to report a pro Scott Walker rally.  There was a The Silent Majority Walk this weekend in Madison in support of Scott Walker. It was event that attracted little interest but made a huge statement.

But it was not completely ignored there is a far left blog that made mention of it. Well actually more than just mentioned. This site has very extremist views and a number of the people who post to the site and their readers are on the far left of the political spectrum. This extremest group are having a field day about the numbers who showed up. They even compared the low turnout to the EXCITEMENT of the early union protest were thousands of union workers walked off their jobs to protest.

The real world usually passes liberals by, they just don’t know how to deal with it. For example, here these bloggers are all excited because they had huge number of protesters while the Silent Majority had a very small turnout. I guess that is something to be proud of, but now the reality.

The collective bargaining the left was fighting for has passed, the state budget the left was fighting against has passed. While you had 70,000 protesting to the couple of hundred everything the people of Wisconsin voted for in November has passed.

But if it makes you feel good that you had more protesters than anyone else, well you just continue to grasp onto that victory.


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