One More Reason To Support Walker

It is just amazing that the teachers think they can just get away with anything they want.

For example take Milwaukee public school teacher Henry Sampson, here is a guy who saw his compensation package rise by more than $9,000 this past year. Sampson made $72,913 in 2010. Along with a benefits package valued at $46,411 his total annual compensation is $119,324.

This poorly compensated state worker has filed  a complaint with the Equal Rights Division of the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development. So what is he  upset about, this poor guy is mad that the state taxpayers will not pay for his erectile dysfunction drugs .

So while the MPSD was paying $200,000 a year to pay for this for the school employees they are now in the process of laying off 400 employees because of budgetary problems, bit that does not matter to poor Henry all he wants to do is get his general to salute once again ad he wants you the taxpayer to pay to make sure that happens.


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