One Win and One Joke

Now that Kloppenburg’s has decided to not pursue the election results in the courts, and you all know why she is not because they no longer have taxpayer money to use to waste on this, so now they would have to pay for it out of their pockets and democrats only use other peoples money

During the election the unions and democrats kept saying this was a mandate election against Governor Walker, so using the logic of these people who thought they had this election in the bag and their candidate was going to win this gives the mandate to Walker, so then it clearly says the people in this state support his efforts.

Now for the joke on all of us. The so called independent Government Accountability Board. Today they have said that all recalls can go ahead against all of the Republicans but they stil have not decided upon the 3 Democrats. Executive director, Kevin Kennedy of the GAB is now being pressured to step down. It is clear that the GAB is biased and partisan and not being fair by delaying the review process for those recalls efforts.

SO once again as state taxpayers are asking for accountability in our Madison government democrats and their supporters continue to play games.


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