Rewards For Bad Behavior

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, this was the name of a book I once saw and I am almost starting to believe it.

I was reading today that Madison School Board member Ed Hughes says he wants to give a ‘bonus’ to the Madison teachers, a $200 Dane Buy local gift card to help make up for lost wages, for the unpaid days they took to protest Governor Walkers balance budget.

Now I don’t think anyone forced them to skip school and go protest did they? So why these people should be rewarded for not doing their jobs is beyond common sense.

But Ed gets even goofier, besides giving them a $200 Dane Buy Local gift card plus $60 to cover the related income taxes — costing $1.05 million in taxpayer dollars— he says it would be “a gesture of appreciation for all the hard work our teachers and staff have done.” Skipping school, trying to use phony doctor excuses to get away with it, we should show appreciation for that type of examples they gave their students?

It just amazes me how the liberal mind works, reward people for not doing their job. I really think everyone in Dane County needs to be tested, there has to be something in the water that makes rational thinking a rare occurrence down there.


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