Obama and The Border

If this was not such a dangerous situation this would almost be funny.

“Boots on the ground”-that’s what President Barack Obama says is protecting our southern border-20,000 border patrol agents, 40,000 boots on the ground.

But what makes that statement a joke,  Border Patrol agents have to abandon their vehicles at makeshift fences constructed by our own Park Service on the U.S. side of the border. They are then forced to chase illegal aliens on foot so as not to disturb the fragile desert ecosystem.

In another park, federal agents have been warned to avoid disrupting a pond containing the endangered desert pupfish.

So the Obama administration is more worried about protecting the environment, telling the people of America that it more important than border security.

But don’t worry even if they cannot use their vehicles the Border Patrol agents can mount a horse to give chase across but the animals must consume weed-free-feed or their waste must be scooped up and disposed elsewhere to protect the fragile ecosystem against invasive weed species.

I hope they have explained all of these rules to those coming across the border illegally but somehow I doubt that they are held to the same standards.


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