Unions and Intimidation

This should really come as no surprise after we have seen the way the left acted back in Feb. in Madison and how they continue to act today, with boycotts of mom and pop businesses.

Today the Recall Dave Hansen committee has requested a Brown County Circuit Court order to stop Hansen supporters from “intimidating, harassing and causing distress and fear … by use of phone.”

Since the petitions have been turned in operatives for the unions and the Democratic Party here in Wisconsin have been calling people and challenging them about signing the petitions to recall fleebagger Dave Hansen. The reports are that some people have been called a number of times and they seem to be targeting those they fell may be in the senior citizens range.

This should come as no surprise as a tactic of these people. Since Governor Walker started the budget repair process we have seen 14 democratic senators flee the state and hide from doing the job they were elected to. We have had another union supporter threaten Republican lawmakers and their family with death. We have seen doctors write fake sick excuses that teachers were happy to use to shut down school districts and still get paid. We have union leaders from AFCSME writing threatening letters to business owners who would not support them. Even had a Sheboygan school district employee call a gas station and threaten them when she thought she saw a Republican Senator there getting gas. This is just a few of the incidents of harassment we have seen from the Democrats, the unions and their supporters the past few months.

It is sad that they dislike the process this country was founded on and has survived on for 235 years, freedom of choice. Sadly, now these groups seemed to be determined to end those freedoms through fear and intimidation.

That is not the America most of us want, that is not the leadership most of us expect, that is why unions are slowly dying in this country, their way of intimidation and using violence to get what they want no longer is acceptable in America.


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