He Still Is The Annoited One

The media in this country just can’t help to have a shiver go down their leg when it comes to this President.

This past weekend America received a present they have been waiting a long time for, the death of Osama bin Laden. Thanks to the dedicated work of this countries intelligence service and the elite Navy Seals they finally have brought closure to one of America’s great tragedy.

This was a moment that brought a country together again, something that has been sadly missing for the last few years. While we all felt a national unity it was not the same kind we had after the September 11 2001 attack on America,  when then President George Bush went on television the day of the attack and spoke to all of us and when he appeared at ground zero.

What has been amazing is that the media in this country has all but re-elected President Obama because of this single issue, I believe they are so blind and so desperate to have him in the White House again they are missing the real picture.

We still have massive unemployment in this country, we see gas prices reaching historical high prices, something else they have been giving limited coverage to, and wholesale food prices are climbing causing people to re-write their budgets. Vacations are going to be changed, travel is going to be affected and the limited recovery we had is going to come to a crashing halt.

These are the issues that people are going to be looking at when it comes time to vote. They are not going to say, “well he got Bin Laden so even though I don’t have a job  damn let’s re-elect him.” Does the Obama media really have that little faith in the people, do they really think one terrorist is going to guarantee him 4 more years?

President Obama deserves kudos for giving the go ahead to kill this terrorist, but now it’s time to again focus on the problems this country has, we still have two wars, we have unemployment, we have gas prices that are threatening to shutdown any recovery, it’s time this administration stops playing reelection games and actually work on solutions to these problems.


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