The New Direction of Democrats

“I have to tell you,” says Communist Party USA Vice Chair Scott Marshall in an online video, “that in every one of the situations that I’ve been in in Madison and Indianapolis, there is a radicalization going on among Democratic legislators that I‘ve never seen in my lifetime and I don’t think any of us have.We have to work with them and we have to see the possibility that a lot of these Democrats are going to move toward more independent positions. And by independent I mean independent of the corporations, independent of the finance capital, and independent of the ruling class of this country.”

What does it say about the Democratic Party if the Communist Party sees it as an ally?



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  1. Same thing it tells us when the KKK aligns itself with the conservatives of the country. It says that both parties lean over to one side or the other and that both sides have their extremes. Nothing more then that.

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