Impartial? Really?

There is an important vote coming up for the working middle class of this state, Supreme Court Justice. Incumbent Judge David Prosser is running for re-election against JoAnne Kloppernburg.  Kloppernburg is currently running an ad where she is trying to portray herself as an independent, someone who could have no ties and would rule as a true independent.

Really? Does anyone really believe that the state unions would be supporting here if she was an independent?

Does anyone really believe she would have a donation from the husband of Judge Maryann Sumi, the judge who is blocking Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill? He also donated to the campaigns of three of the fourteen FLEEbaggers and to Tom Barrett in the last gubernatorial election. Her son, Jake Sinderbrand, is a former employee of the AFL-CIO and SEIU

What about Kloppenburg’s campaign website which boasts of an endorsement from one of the vocal FLEEbaggers,  Democratic senator Sen. Chris Larson who fled the state to avoid doing what the people of Wisconsin elected him to do.

Take a look at a few of the other names endorsing Kloppenburg,  a number of failed Democratic candidates and prominent Democratic politicians, including:

  • Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk
  • Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz
  • Rep. Fred Kessler
  • Rep. Leon Young
  • Scott Hassett, former DNR secretary and Democratic candidate for state Attorney General

How does anyone think this women is impartial? How can anyone who works and pay taxes in this state vote for someone who will clearly be a tool for the Democratic party and the state unions in this state.

There can be no question that the majority of voters in the state of Wisconsin were  demanding budget and tax reform when they elected  Scott Walker, as governor in last November. Voting for Justice David Prosser will make sure Wisconsin stays on the track for economic recovery. A vote for anyone else will be a huge setback that the taxpayers of Wisconsin just cannot afford.


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