You Don’t Count

Last Nov the people of Wisconsin said enough is enough and decided it was time for a change in this state. The voice of the people was clear, stop out of control spending, bring the budget under control and bring fiscal responsiblity back to this state.

Well today 270,000 people have just told the other 5,000,000 plus that you do not matter. These 270,000 found a union activist judge who has temporarily blocks the state’s new labor law curbing union collective bargaining rights. This Madison Wis judge bought and paid for by unions has basically lifted her middle finger  at YOU the tax paying citizens of Wisconsin in order to make sure her union handlers get what they want, it does not matter to these people that the taxpayers in this state have said enough is enough.

How smart were these unions in finding a union judge?  This union judge is  now going on vacation for a week, so no action can be taken until she returns March 28. So now the public state workers can continue to strong arm locale boards into forcing new contracts.

What now needs to be done is the state Republicans bring the original bill back to the floor and pass the original bill, if unions want to play games let them, but the people of Wisconsin are demanding fiscal responsibility and that is the change the state voted for in November.

What is amazing, the unions are not only telling you the taxpayer that you do not count, but the are determined to punish people who do not support their radical agenda. They are currently working on destroying state businesses by using strong-arm tactics of fear and intimidation, something that was so common in a European country in the lead up to a world war. They are willing to sacrifice jobs of non union middle class working taxpayers, all so they can protect the salaries of the union leadership and to hold onto their power of intimidation of the state taxpayer.

The far left group One Wisconsin Now and the following unions are all part of the intimidation Wisconsin business, Wisconsin Professional Police Association, Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 311, Madison Teachers Inc., Green Bay Education Association, Dane County Deputy Sheriffs Association, and Madison Professional Police Officers.

The people of Wisconsin need  to stand up to government union boss intimidation and purchase goods and services from state businesses to save jobs.


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